14 comments on “creations

  1. Ágúst Jin says:


  2. Halldóra says:

    you are a true artist ….way to go Estelle…. looking forward to follow your creataion in the future. Inga

    • broddgoltur2 says:

      Thanks Inga! I’m creating new objects now, particularly with musical scores. Hope to have some opportunities to expose them!

  3. Guðrún Æ says:

    Frábært Estelle!

  4. Guðný Hilmarsdóttir says:

    Rosalega er þetta allt flott hjá þér og frábærar hugmyndir!

  5. julia says:

    Superbes photos et jolies creations! 🙂

  6. […] photography, I recently focused on another type of art: handicraft with recycled materials. You can see here my work with old books, musical scores, scraps of fabric, cardboard, milk cartons, wax, seaglass, […]

  7. Sandra Bula says:

    Bravo Estelle, tres belles photos, belles idées, belles créations, continues sur cette voie de la créativité! Ça ouvre tellement de possibilités ! Moi j’ ai repris la peinture depuis 2 ans… Et tout bientôt une expo. Belle suite et au plaisir de te lire/revoir en Suisse.

  8. federico spinucci says:

    lovely artworks! Congratulations!! Federico

  9. […] have a look at my creations. All the items currently available are detailed on my Etsy […]

  10. […] Please have a look at my creations. […]

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