b r o d d g ö l t u r  –  handmade in Iceland

Based in Reykjavík, the shop broddgöltur presents handcrafted objects made from reclaimed materials:

– paper (old books, musical scores, tourist brochures, magazines…)

– fabric (random fabric scraps, repurposed fabrics, tarp…)

– wood (driftwood, palettes, reclaimed wood…)

– cardboard (paper boxes…)

– packaging (milk cartons, glass jars…)

– wax (leftovers of candles…)

The creation of new items depends on the material available. A small amount of new material (thread, elastic, filling, glue…) is often used to finish every object. You will find small decorative objects, jewelry, stationery, as well as pieces of furniture. Each item is unique!

The objects are made in Iceland. Broddgöltur is the Icelandic word for hedgehog. I learnt this word when I arrived to Iceland and I like it very much. When I started to do handicraft in Iceland, (paper) hedgehogs were among my first pieces. It soon became obvious to use the word broddgöltur for my creations.

Upon request I can create the object of your choice: decorations, sewn objects, pieces of furniture… You can see my creations on Laugavegur, the shopping street of Reykjavík, Iceland. Contact me for further information. You can buy my creations on my Etsy online shop (shipping abroad) and in several places in Iceland.


My passion: give a second life to objects or materials that were destinated to be thrown. Reduce trash, reuse, recycle, upcycle. And be creative. With patience, love and care, every material can become interesting!

I love to spend time in second hand stores, I collect natural materials when hiking around, and I can’t help taking a look in the trash bins around my place. Then I start to create new objects depending on what I found.

Feel free to ask me customized items!

Estelle Divorne, creator of   b r o d d g ö l t u r.


6 comments on “about

  1. Rut Petersen says:

    Hæ mig langar til að kaupa af þér hvert á ég að fara?

    • broddgoltur2 says:

      Hæ Rut, thanks for your interest! You can contact me on my email (link in the text above) and we can set an appointment. I am on Laugavegur. If it’s not raining next week-end, I will sell again on the street like last Saturday.

  2. Axel says:

    The wallet is just wonderful!

  3. Hello!
    Cool to meet you Hedgehog without spines 🙂
    Good luck with your wonderful products.

  4. Else Claus says:

    You delivered the VELKOMIN sign to my guesthouse last June in less than a day, thank you for the creativity, hope to see you again in March
    Else Claus Belgium

    • broddgoltur2 says:

      Thank you very much, Else! I’m glad ou like the driftwood sign. Contact me if you come back in March, I might not be outside very often because of the weather…

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