broddgöltur is taking a new turn by moving out of Iceland!

I started the brand broddgöltur in Reykjavík in 2012. From the spring 2016 to the autumn 2017 (when the weather permitted…), I sold my handmade items on my stand on Laugavegur, the shopping street of Reykjavík. I also had some points of sale in different towns around the country.

For personal reasons, I chose now to move out of the country, back to mainland Europe. My brand will keep its Icelandic name (broddgöltur means hedgehog) as a souvenir of the inspiring and artistic environment where it was created and has developped!

I put my tools, my materials and my production in the van that I bought especially for the occasion. Of course there is also some space for my cat Rúdúdú, who is following me in this moving (look closely and you might see him on the photo!). I hit the road on Saturday 25th November 2017, heading East in the Icelandic winter to go take the ferry for Denmark.

Once I will have found a warm place to settle down for a few weeks, the production will start again. In the next days, I will change the information on my Etsy shop (location, shipping fees, etc.) since I won’t be in Iceland any more. In the meanwhile, everything is available anyway. Feel free to have a look at my Etsy shop and to do your Christmas shopping!


Want to shop online? All my handicraft is available on Etsy, a secured online platform to buy handmade items. I send to all countries. If you like it, favourite my Etsy shop and share the link on social media. This will be much appreciated!