Hello from the Julemarked! There’s a very nice atmosphere at Ridehuset in Aarhus, and I’ll be there until next Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you!

Christmas market

This year, broddgöltur will be on the Christmas market in Aarhus, Denmark!

I will have a stall in this beautiful Julemarked at Ridehuset, in Aarhus, from December 14 to 20. Okay, now it’s time to leave you, I have some Christmas ornaments to prepare. See you there!

New van

As you may know, I became a nomad a few months ago. From Iceland to Denmark, then Switzerland and France, I currently have no fixed address, staying in a place for a few days/weeks at a time. I travel with my production of upcycling handicraft, my tools and my materials. I receive orders through my Etsy shop and ship them from wherever I find myself at the moment.

To facilitate this nomadic lifestyle, I recently bought a new VW Caddy Maxi, replacing my old and unreliable Renault Trafic. The new vehicle being smaller, it took me a few weeks to sort and repack everything. When I received the Caddy, I took one week to figure out how to arrange everything in it, and to make some minimal adjustments to be ready to hit the road. All what I made is essentially from reclaimed materials: banana boxes collected at the local store, a panel of carboard from a bicycle box as a flat surface for my bed, small aprons with pockets found in the trash to hang on the sides, wood from the renovation site nearby.

The first night I spent in the van was in Austria, near the Rhine delta at Lake Constance, in a wonderful and quiet environment. I am pretty happy with my upcycled interior design. By the way, my cat Rúdúdú is always part of the trip!


Cart 100% made from reclaimed materials!

Today I made this little cart to transport my boxes every time I move houses (very often these days) or when I put up my stand on a market.

The wood is from an old palette from a construction site in my village in Switzerland, as well as the nails; the good wheels were taken from a broken cart found in a dumpster in Reykjavík; the screws were taken from other broken stuff; the rope was found on the shore of Iceland. And now I have a home made brand new cart!