New van

As you may know, I became a nomad a few months ago. From Iceland to Denmark, then Switzerland and France, I currently have no fixed address, staying in a place for a few days/weeks at a time. I travel with my production of upcycling handicraft, my tools and my materials. I receive orders through my Etsy shop and ship them from wherever I find myself at the moment.

To facilitate this nomadic lifestyle, I recently bought a new VW Caddy Maxi, replacing my old and unreliable Renault Trafic. The new vehicle being smaller, it took me a few weeks to sort and repack everything. When I received the Caddy, I took one week to figure out how to arrange everything in it, and to make some minimal adjustments to be ready to hit the road. All what I made is essentially from reclaimed materials: banana boxes collected at the local store, a panel of carboard from a bicycle box as a flat surface for my bed, small aprons with pockets found in the trash to hang on the sides, wood from the renovation site nearby.

The first night I spent in the van was in Austria, near the Rhine delta at Lake Constance, in a wonderful and quiet environment. I am pretty happy with my upcycled interior design. By the way, my cat Rúdúdú is always part of the trip!

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